Bloch World Official Partners and Representatives in the Middle East (Order Now)    
Bloch World Official Partners and
Representatives in the Middle East (Order Now)

Our Story

Our Story

DANCEWAREME is a leading regional dancewear distributor, wholesaler, and retailer in the Middle East. Based out of Beirut, Lebanon and serving the entire region, we are proud to provide our customers with the best the global dancewear industry has to offer. As a trusted partner to many world-renowned brands, and as the longstanding “Middle Eastern Home of the Bloch World”, in-addition to having been in the industry for over 20 years, we pride ourselves on our knowledge in this ever-changing industry. 

Whether you are shopping our store online or in person at our Beirut location, you will find everything you are looking for from costumes and uniforms to the latest trends in all dancewear. Our experienced team understands the needs and aspirations of dancers, choreographers, teachers, directors, and producers and that’s what sets us apart from competition. Our wide variety of accessories, body-wear, footwear, and headwear guarantees you are getting what you are looking for.

Our wholesale experience allows us to serve local retailers, traders, academies, theatres, TV channels, and many others. In fact, we are trusted partners to the region’s most prominent dance related organizations. Our distribution channels satisfy all the requirements of all those involved in the dance industry across the Entire Middle Eastern Region such as:

  • Teachers and choreographers need
  • School and studio uniforms
  • Corporate events and production gear
  • Commerce and Trade

Having been present in every step of the dancer’s journey, from practice to performance,

DANCEWAREME has become a landmark for dance in the Middle East and a key link for dance supplies between the West and the East. From Baby Ballerinas to Professional Dancers competing on world-class stages, DANCEWAREME has all you will need for classes at your dance school, studio, stage, and even for practicing at home. 


We pledge our dedication to the advancement of dance in the Middle East. We are committed to providing innovative and fashionable products at the most affordable prices and with exceptional service. We believe that our success is dependent on our commitment to our customers, suppliers and the dance industry.


We are believers that dance is an art of bringing people together and a way to bridge the gap between cultures and societies. That’s why we sponsored celebrity artist workshops, dancers and school recitals on many occasions in the past and we will continue to play a role in keeping dance alive as we navigate through the current global pandemic. That is our goal and that is our promise to our customers.

#4theloveofDW is an active initiative that we launched in 2017 under the patronage of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture and with the support of the Lebanese DanceSport Federation (LDSF). #4theloveofDW qualified talented dancers and sponsored their development in the region and beyond, opening the doors for them to experience world-class training at global academies in the key capitals of dance around the world. This initiative is on-track to continue with new editions as soon as the current pandemic restrictions are lifted.


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